Support the DPD

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What happened in Downtown Dallas on July 7 was a shocking tragedy. You see these things on the news more and more recently, which is unfortunate, but it really hits hard this close to home. On the day of the shootings, I had been right there several hours earlier. As I have been in Downtown the past few weeks, people … Read More

The Renewal Option

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The renewal option in a lease is often misunderstood by even the most saavy business owners. In fact, many office tenants believe their renewal option is almost an extension of their actual lease. I can’t tell you how many times a prospect has told me they have a 10 year lease… well, 5 years with a 5 year option. Renewal … Read More

Rental Rates in the CBD Today

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Although there are many considerations to leasing office space, the cost of renting space is often a key factor in a company’s decision making process. Occupancy costs are generally the second or third highest line item on a company’s balance sheet which means companies need to evaluate this very closely. Overall, in the Downtown office market, we have seen a … Read More

Subleasing Your Office Space

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The topic of subleasing has come up with several clients and prospects over the past month so it seemed to be an important thing to write about. Companies sublease their space for various reasons during their lease term such as: the location no longer works for their business and they need to relocate prior to lease expiration, they have outgrown … Read More

The Good Ol’ West End

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In 2006, the West End Marketplace closed, unofficially marking the demise of the West End in Downtown Dallas. The area is often forgotten by local Dallasites and synonymous with tourism. However, all of that is changing as office buildings trade hands, new restaurants open and co-working spaces/start up incubators and creative companies flock to the West End. Other than the … Read More

Why not Downtown Dallas?

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There was a fantastic article in today’s Dallas Morning News titled Dallas office rents reach all-time high as companies head Uptown about (you guessed it) rents being the highest we’ve ever seen in Dallas. The article states that the newest trophy buildings in the area are renting for an average of $52 per square foot which is more than $20/SF … Read More

1401 Elm Redevelopment Back On

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Downtown Dallas enthusiasts received some fantastic news this week. 1401 Elm, the pivotal redevelopment project in the CBD is back under construction. I wrote about this project being posted for foreclosure in January after Olympic Property Partners pulled out of the deal. Drever Capital Management out of California is the new owner and they have new plans for the development. … Read More

Mavericks Practice Facility & Other News

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We received some very exciting news this week, Mark Cuban has said that the team’s new practice facility will be located in Downtown Dallas. Cuban is in the process of purchasing an unnamed property that will be renovated to fit the Mavericks’ needs. This is very encouraging news and shows the team’s commitment to the area. Cuban opted to keep … Read More

Why Downtown Dallas is Perfect for your Start-up

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With Dallas Start Up Week in motion, it seemed appropriate to write about the attributes that make Downtown Dallas an optimal place for start ups to open up shop. While in the past, start up companies in Texas often overlooked Dallas, forgoing it for Austin, things have changed as we’re seeing growth in coworking spaces and new VC funds looking … Read More

The Importance of Parking in Downtown

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How can we talk about Downtown Dallas without discussing parking? After being in the area almost daily for the past five years, I have noticed parking in the area become more challenging as redevelopment occurs and there is more activity Downtown. This is a common problem in many major Central Business Districts, however, Dallas has never fully adopted public transit … Read More